Volunteer for LES

We have A LOT of opportunities for volunteers! If you’re looking to get deeply involved and chair something like the Jog A Thon, or if you’re looking for a one time thing like helping set up Movie Night, we’ve got something for you. Parental involvement is essential, plus you can volunteer while it’s still cool for your kid to see you in the classroom and/or around the school.

Visit Help at School and select “Louisville Elementary School” to view all the current volunteer opportunities in your child’s classroom and LES School Events. Complete your volunteer application and annual Background Screening, and you’re good to go for the year.


If you have completed the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) background check, you are all set to begin volunteering for the school year! If you haven’t already done this…..

The TCLogiQ background check must be completed annually for the school year. TCLogiQ is a once per school year approval and you will need to complete it again each year. The current cost is $17 plus applicable state fees; if the cost of the background check is a barrier to volunteering, please contact us at [email protected] for confidential assistance.

*Please view our position description page to understand the role and time commitment of PTO Chairs and Committees*

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