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Direct Ask Campaign Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the Direct Ask Campaign?

Direct Ask is the annual Direct Ask campaign run by the Louisville Elementary School PTO. The month of October will be our “Direct Ask” month.

This is THE major fundraiser of the school year.  It is the least expensive fundraiser and asks a minimum amount of volunteer hours, thus it has a fantastic ROI.

What is a Direct Ask Campaign?

The LES PTO is committed to bridging the gap between federal/ state funding, and the funds we need to maintain essential functions and services. This gap amounts to $90,000. This method of fundraising has been selected as the preferred method for several years in a row by our community, because it is cost effective and requires minimal time and effort from our busy families.

There are many advantages to a direct ask campaign. These include:

• 100% of the donation goes directly to the education initiatives budgeted for and funded by the PTO

• The kids (and/or parents) don’t have to sell anything (Hooray!)

• There is no classroom based competition

• The donation is tax deductible (PTO is a 501(c))

• It’s eligible for corporate matching gifts

• Has lowest expenses and least amount of volunteer time of ALL fundraisers

• Your contributions are confidential

Best of all, your donation will be used in your child’s classroom THIS YEAR!

Louisville Elementary is a public school. Why are our taxes not enough?

School taxes in the state of Colorado are extremely low relative to other states, and these low taxes mean Colorado Public Education ranks 43rd in the nation in per pupil spending (adjusted for regional cost differences). In fact, Colorado spends $3,087 below the national average per pupil (adjusted for regional cost differences).  Also, Colorado is 40th in median student-teacher ratio in primary level schools, and Colorado ranks 50th in teacher wage competitiveness. Our PTO is a 501 (c)  organization established to raise funds for the needed programs that the District and State will not provide. Unfortunately fundraising is essential in order to maintain the incredible school we have created at LES. (source: http://greateducation.org/colorado/stats.html)

How does the PTO decide what to spend money on?

First and foremost, these donations go directly into your child’s classroom the year they are received.

Our Principal, teachers and staff know all too well the needs of our children. They know what works to keep Louisville Elementary a school of excellence. The PTO and the Principal discuss the needs every spring for the following year. PTO considers requests from the School Accountability Committee (SAC), which is a committee all schools must have according to Colorado State Law to support and address school improvement goals. The PTO also considers any PTO Survey results and feedback from families to confirm needs and costs. A PTO budget is allocated and spending is approved for the entire year. This cycle repeats every year and the PTO welcomes your participation.

Looking at the PTO budget, a great deal of these funds is spent on group literacy instruction with teachers, para professionals, and tutors. Louisville teachers believe these groups and one-on-one instruction make a measurable and immediate difference in your child’s education.

What is the donation goal?

Based on the PTO budget and the anticipated enrollment at LES for the school year, the $90,000 budget is necessary to continue our current level of services. However, last year we were not able to do any fundraising due to COVID so we are behind. This year we are aiming to raise a combined total of $100,000 via all of our fundraisers including the Direct Ask and Jog A Thon. Compared to other area schools, we have neither the largest nor smallest budget and are right in line with our peers. We understand that some families can contribute for additional students; others may not be able to give this year. We encourage families to donate what is meaningful for them; we appreciate every dollar and every dollar makes a difference.

All giving will be kept confidential. The PTO will report progress in terms of percentages of Louisville family participation and will share final numbers as total dollars given, and success of participation at the end of the campaign.

Can grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends give to the Direct Ask campaign?

Yes! We ask parents to give during the campaign this October however, donations can be given any time during the year! Louisville parents are encouraged to mention the campaign to other family members and friends. Perhaps it will be a relief to the persons who normally (and graciously) buy gift wrap from your child on a regular basis. Unlike gift wrap sales, all the proceeds of a direct ask campaign go to LES.

How do I give to Direct Ask Campaign?

Giving is easy!

• Write a check payable to Louisville Elementary PTO. Place the check in an envelope; you can add postage and snail mail this, send it back in a Friday Folder, hand it to your child’s teacher, or drop it in the main office.

• Donate online here. We use PayPal, a well-known and reputable site for online giving. This secure site is available for anyone wishing to put their donation on a credit card, or use their personal PayPal account.

Why is Direct Ask in October and not later in the year?

Direct Ask funds are necessary for PTO budget commitments in the year they are raised.  In short, the money raised from Direct Ask begins funding classroom support immediately, and it is needed in the beginning of the year. The early time frame also gives the PTO enough time to plan any additional fundraisers that may be needed later in the school year. Of course folks are always welcome to give to Louisville PTO’s non-profit 501(c) organization at any time of the year.  Please let us know if you would like a receipt for your tax records.

This fundraiser has the LEAST expenses of ALL fundraisers and requires the LEAST amount of volunteer time.

I still have a question. Who can I contact?

Please contact the PTO Board at [email protected] and the Principal Jeffrey Miller welcome your questions and feedback. Please feel free to contact one or all of us. All discussions will be kept confidential.

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